In the fall of 1958 Checker introduced the Checker A9 taxicab. Based largely in the Checker A8. To the untrained eye and despite popular belief, this new Checker did not share any exterior body panels with the Model A8. Biggest change: a flatter roof and larger rear window openings. Easy identifiers:

  • Dual Headlights
  • New hood, fenders and rocker panels with sculpted body line
  • Egg crate grille
  • Parking lights housed in starburst grille section
  • Model A4 and A6 hood ornament eliminated
  • Chrome strips on the top of the door line eliminated
  • New Checker hood emblem


Technically this would be the last car developed by Checker, that said with a run of almost 25 production years in various other model designations this Checker would be produced until 1982 and is the  single most popular Checker known to all as the great American taxicab

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