As we all know, restoring antique cars and Checker Cabs can be very expensive.  Anybody restoring a Checker will have to balance the cost of restoring versus the fun that can be had by owning a Checker.

ICTA member Stephen Disbrowe has taken Checker ownership to another level.  He has been able to build a business renting out his Checker for television, movie and advertising work.  Stephen has been able to get regular work utilizing his Checker and based on video and photographic evidence, it clearly looks like he’s have fun too!

Recently Stephen’s Checker was used for a promotion campaign for Nuii.  What’s Nuii, a new kind of ice cream novelty.  Known for the ice cream products Nuii’s mission is to “is committed to supporting biodiversity projects in wild places where we can make a real difference to the lives of people, wildlife and the environment. We do this because wild places are a huge source of inspiration for us and it’s important to us that we give back in some way. We have chosen as our partner to help us on our journey”.  Looks like Stephen has partnered up with a company that want to make a difference!

Here are some photos from the recent Nuii event.

Recent TV work includes a segment of filming the national television channel ITV’s show “This Morning” to celebrate the USA borders reopening after the Covid closing. Presenter Phillip Schofield drive co-presenter Holly Willoughby showcase Stephen’s Checker at the start of the show. Here’s some pics from Television Centre in London.

Phillip Schofield drive co-presenter Holly Willoughby

Back last November Stephen had a chance to use his Checker for a Christmas promotion for Bobbi Brown. According to Stephen  “I’ve spent the last 4 (long) days driving a “Bobbi Brown” branded Checker around central London visiting magazines, publishers and social media influencers promoting their Christmas range. It’s been a blast!”

If readers can think of another car brand that gets this much promotion action,  please comment below or better yet, share a Checker story!

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