This is the original frame off of my 1969 Checker Marathon. The car was originally a Texas car and I purchased it in 2020. The frame was unbelievably clean. I remember scraping off some of the undercoating and the frame looked brand new. That winter I restored the car. I removed the frame then stripped it to bare metal and repainted it with Summit chassis guard paint. I installed new control arm bushings and new front brake pads. I put brand new tires on the front and put 2 used tires that I had which had very good tread on the rear. I stripped down the wheels and painted them. New shocks were installed in the front. This winter I decided to upgrade the handling of my Checker by installing C4 Corvette suspension on it. I hated to cut up the stock frame since it is so nice so I decided to build a completely new frame and sell the original. The frame comes as a rolling chassis with the Dana 44 rear, the wheels and tires and the suspension and steering components. The steering is a “rear steer” set up. It does come with the steering box. The motor mounts have been changed to accept an LS engine. The transmission cross member also has been modified since I was running a 4L80 transmission. These could easily be changed back to regular small block Chevy components. The top piece of the X frame has been cut out to make room for the driveshaft. This also could be returned to original. If you have any questions about this, please contact me. Thanks for viewing!

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