For 58 years, Das Awkscht Fescht has been a summer tradition for all ages. Offering three fun-packed days in the great outdoors, it’s been a perfect way for families to celebrate summer and see some of the finest antique cars from the east coast.  Members of the ICTA have been participating in this event for a least 25 years!

The weather was great, it was sunny with low humidity and only in the mid-1980s

There were 6 cars at the show:

  1. Victor’s Empire Cab that was used in “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel”,
  2. Jim Rogers Sr brought the newly finished 1965 A11 (notable for the rear seat forward option, this was the blue car present in prior shows),
  3. Jim Rodgers Jr’s 1977 A11 original, and
  4. Tony Matern’s 1967 Black Marathon,
  5. David Sunstein bought 2 cars: 1. 1956 Checker A8 and a 1937 Model Y Tow Truck


A first time meet for David.  David told the group that he had 22 Checkers  He also stated that he has rented cars to movies made in the Pittsburgh area.   This writer sold a Checker A8 and A9 to David several years ago.  Along with the A8 recently purchased from Bruce Uhrich and the tow truck purchased from the Gilmore, its clear that David has perhaps the finest collection or rare Checkers in the world.  Great to see David showing these Checker too!

A big thank you to Bruce Uhrich for serving as the resident Checker agent for the event.  Bruce has been a big proponent of Das Awhshct for many years.


37 Checker Model Y Tow Truck

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