The ICTA is proud to announce that we are launching a new video channel on Vimeo as well as rebranding our Youtube channel naming it the ICTA’s Checker Cab Channel!  With almost 500 followers, the Youtube channel has a significant audience.

This will expand our video footprint across the hobby. We are keeping the Youtube channel up, but Vimeo offers a number of advantages over Youtube.

First, Vimeo Offers Better Encoding and Video Quality  YouTube’s mantra is quantity over quality. Users upload more than 500 hours of footage to YouTube every single minute. And YouTube needs to process all of these videos before they can go live. In order to handle that kind of load, YouTube must balance compression speed with compression quality.

On the other hand, Vimeo’s mantra is quality over quantity. Because Vimeo has stricter guidelines for acceptable videos, its processing load is far lighter than YouTube’s. And that means it can focus more on maximizing the quality of each video using better encoding techniques. If you upload the same video to both YouTube and Vimeo at the same resolution, the Vimeo version will look a lot better because it will have a much higher bitrate.

There are two additional aspects of YouTube that can prove frustrating for those who want to create certain kinds of artistic content. Leading to videos disappearing for no reason at all.

Additionally Youtube is free service allows for Youtube to make unilateral decisions without due process.  Vimeo is a paid service, they do have community standards, but rulings made by Vimeo tends to favor paying customers as opposed to viewing interlopers and internet trolls.

Over the next couple of weeks, we will be expanding the channels and will up date our website screen tabs accordingly.

Here is a linked to the new branded ICTA Youtube Channel

ICTA’s Checker Cab Channel – YouTube

Here is the the link to the new Vimeo channel.

Checker Taxi Stand (

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