My heater control valve gave up this weekend as indicated by the stream of antifreeze coming from the weep hole on the valve body. I knew this day was coming so had purchased the Jeep valve that’s nearly identical except for the horizontal port being 90 degrees off and the on/off positions being reversed. I opted to disassemble the new valve to correct both the port position and the valve orientation. Turned out to be fairly easy with the right tools and patience. I’ve ordered another valve to perform the surgery on again and document it. In the interim, here’s the valve you can buy on Amazon or eBay for about $35. Four Seasons 74662 Heater Valve.

Link to Amazon Four Seasons 74662 Heater Valve: Automotive

My only issue came down to the cable retaining bracket bolt. The hole in the new one is not threaded and larger than the original so I had to go with a larger bolt. A small price to pay.


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