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We all had a fantastic Thankgiving holiday.  Now that thanksgiving has come and gone, many are preparing for Christmas.  Just remember, its not too late to order some great 1/43 scale Checker models for Christmas gifts for your Checker nutty friends and family.

In this blog we’ll cover several recently release models. In addition, we’ll provide a link to Ebay, if interested in buying on of the covered models.

Up first the Deagostini squad car.  Produced in the Ukraine, this is a quality model with great detail.  A model of a Claremont, New Hampshire squad, the model has many details. Details include: light bar, roof antennae, emergency spot light, rear view mirror and painted details.

The best part of this model is the low price examples can be found for less than ten buck!

Link to auction.

Deagostini 1:43 Checker Marathon 1960s USA police car diecast model №35 | eBay

IXO Checker Marathon

Checker Marathons.   Two are available on the market today.  Produced by IXO from Spain,  the Marathons are true to the original civilian Checker introduced in 1962.  Both models depicts the post 1973 version with the large Aluminum bumpers.   Two color schemes are available Blue with a white roof and cream with a simulated flat black vinyl roof.

The white version has detail print padding of the Checker Marathon nameplate along the top edge of the fenders. Also interesting on the white model is the simulated hubcaps, while the blue version sports post 1967 style wheel covers.  Prices range from $30 to $40 depending on the seller

Ixo 1/43 Scale – CLC094 CHECKER A12 MARATHON 1975 | eBay

Scale model 1/43 Checker Marathon 327, light blue/white, 1964 | eBay

Model Press Bay Area Checker

Also available in 1/43 is the Model Press Bay Aera Checker Taxicab produced by Model Press.  Consistent with all of models above,  proportions and detals look correct.  This write likes the models painted in authentic yellow and green livery.  Also interesting is the yellow Bay Area Taxi roof top light.   It looks similar to the light sold by National Taxicab Supply in San Francisco.

Link to Ebay

Scale model 1/43 Checker Marathon 327, light blue/white, 1964 | eBay


The last modern Checker example is another IXO model,  The Chicago Taxi Co. version.  This model sports the traditional Checker colors of beige and green.  That said the green is more of an electric green, a little brighter than the actual apple green color used on the real Checkers.  Like the Checker Marathon models produced by IXO discussed above the quality is very good.  This writer likes this model as it is a refreshing example of a non yellow cab.

Readily available on Ebay,  prices are lower the IXO Marathon models at about $12.00

1:43 ixo altaya checker taxi cab chicago 1980 | eBay

If you want a model of an Aerobus, you’re in luck, there is now one available by Altaya.  Now the tough discussion, this model is not very authentic.  The biggest issue with it, is that it depicts a New York City post 1968 livery.   The New York Taxi and Limo Authority never authorized the use of an Aerobus as a taxicab.   Aerobus were typically used for Hotel resorts or Airport transfers,  not taxicabs.

Other inaccuracies include the wrong proportions of the tailgate and  weird bumper guards.

Assuming that this model can be disassembled,  it would make an excellent repaint project.  Pricing is very high at between $125 and $130 per model.   Link to Ebay

1/43 Checker Aerobus taxi new york 1974 | eBay

The last model we’ll cover is the Brooklyn 1/43 Model A4/A5. Introduced several years ago, these models are no longer in production.  That said,  they are still available on EBay in limited quantities.  Labeled as a 1949, these models actually depicted the 1950-1952 Checkers.

Three models were produced,  a NYC yellow cab version as well as a  NYC “National” cab version of the A4.  In addition to the taxicabs a black version of an A5 is also available.  More upscale than the taxicab version the A5 wears wide whitewall tires.

As stated earlier these models are no longer produce, Ebay pricing varies.  A number of Ebay listings price the A5 at $117 while the yellow A5 can be found for prices as low as $89 and as high as $200.

If interested, it will be important to shop based on price.

Brooklin Models BRK89A 1949 Checker New York Cab – Yellow LN/Box | eBay

As of this writing, were 27 days away from Christmas.  Assuming a one day order turn around these models can be purchased and delivered in time for Christmas.

Note the detailed Checker Marathon Nameplates!

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