I have a 69 Checker to find a new home for. It is pretty much complete, and rather rare. I hope to find it a good home… The hood, rockers, floor, and a few other things are pretty rusty, and I do NOT have a title. It has the Chevy v-8 engine, but I’m not sure if it is the 327 or the 350 that was offered in 69. The car has been parked since 1973, and shows 82K miles. I have not managed to get the trunk open to see what is back there, yet. Asking $950 for the complete car. There just aren’t many of these left, and parts are scarce! Please call or text if interested..

Reply by email to the following Craig’s List email address 80d6abedaf35357d900b6cd525e8fa73@sale.craigslist.org

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