It was a rough start this AM heading out the Macungie for the Das Awckst Fest.  Only on the road for twenty minutes,  then had a blow out with the U-Haul trailer.

Getting a tire fixed on a U-Haul trailer in the Summer is always a challenge.  Quickly called in the issue with U-Haul.  U-Haul quickly  connected with a third party provider to fix the tire.   That said, it took a little over 2 hours for the service provider to get to the tire.  Ironically in took less than four minutes the tire was replace. Very fast, but the wait, not so much.   A big thank you to the Ohio Turnpike Authority, they secured the area while we waited for service.   Also a big thank you to Stow-It Storage in Newton Falls,  Ohio, they checked all the tires on the trailer and provided a spare, just in case we had another issue.  Check out the video.

Met up with Checker nuts Ben Merkel and Pete Talanca and ultimately made it to Bethleham, PA. We cruised at about 70 MPH, the entire way, for a 6 hour trips.

Top: Christian Hutter, Joe Fay, Bottom Ben Merkel, Pete Talanca

Met up with Christen Hutter then the fun started. Chris picked us up at our hotel and entertained at the Music Festival in Bethlehem Music Festival. We have to make this an annual event. Real fun, great food, Beer, Cigars and plenty of music.

Tomorrow, we’ll report from the show. We expect to see about 10 Checkers at the event. We’ll keep you posted.






PA Rest Area, Ben Merkel’s A12E

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