Are you looking for Christmas of your Checker fan. There is still time left, so here are some quick ideas


There are several options for Checker T-Shirts

ICTA member Scott Jackson Garnett of Roanoke, Virginia has just launched a web enable store that sells Checker branded T-shirts.  Scott is offering two T- Shirt the Next Level Premium and the Glidan Youth shirts. The Premium is in Banana Cream consistent with the colors Checker of Omaha used and the Glidan shirt comes in Daisy Yellow consistent with the 70’s era NYC cabs sold by Checker

The shirts are priced at a price that any Checker fan can appreciate.  To order a shirt, just click on the link below.

The is also a T- Shirt currently available on EBAY.  The Growling Hamster is currently offering a shirt on Ebay.  Priced at under $25.00,  it too is a fair and affordable items  for a direct link to Ebay, click on the link below.

Checker Memorabilia

Do you want to give a piece of the old Checker Corporation.  No longer a going concern, here’s a chance to give paper, suitable for framing or wallpapering an entire house.   Priced at under $20.00,   its a great example of a low price item and that any Checker fan would love to have in their collection. Here’s the direct link on Ebay

Checker promotional materials, photos and brochures are readily available on Ebay.   ICTA member Walter Miller of upstate New York runs ,  via his website or Ebay,  Walter is offering a significant collection of Checker photos and brochures to add to Checker fans stockpile of promotional content.  Here’s a link to a very modestly priced black and white Checker Marathon glossy.

Brochures, Walter has them too. Here’s a great 1962 brochure for under $8.00!

Here’s a link to Walter’s full list of offerings on Ebay

Toy and Models

There are plenty of Checker toys and models available.  Most toys depict Checker as taxicabs.  Now there are Checker diecast models of just basic Marathons.   For under $30.00 Whitebox Models offers a great little 1/43 model of a powder blue Checker Marathon



The Matchbox diecast Checker in 1/64 scale is widely available on EBAY.  At under $10.00 its a great little buy.  Here’s a link to just one of the many auctions on Ebay with a “buy it now” tab at $5.85!43614!US!-1:rk:17:pf:0

Sunstar 1/18 scale models can also be found on ebay, no longer in production, the prices range for $40.00 to $150.00 dollars.  Here’s a link to a Chicago Sunstar prices at only $53.00

This writer is partial to the 1:87 scale offerings.  Athearn Models produced a great Checker Model A8 about ten years ago. New versions can still be found of prices in the $40.00 to $65.00 range.  Here’s a example of one of the models that was designed to depict ICTA member Bruce Uhrich’s Checker A8

Perhaps the smallest Checker model available is te GHQ Roadmaster version of a 1:160 scale 1967 Checker taxi. As seen in the header photo, this model is very small!  Available since 1995, they can be purchased right on the GHQ website, the price $5.95.  Here’s a link:

So there you have it, a number of Checker Christmas gift that if purchased this weeked should be able to be delivered before Christmas.  Merry Christmas from the ICTA

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