Checker values have been a challenge for quite sum time. Some 18 years ago, the last NYC taxi was auctioned off for over 6 figures, after that transaction Checker prices were never the same.   Immediately following the auction, Checker prices went sky high.

On a regular basis anybody who wanted to sell the Checker put an asking price of 30K on their beloved cars. All were quick to point out that famous NYC auction. Unfortunately, none of the same people have ever pointed out the fact that, that same cab was auctioned off several years later for $9000.00. It was later auctioned again, and received less than the recent 9k price.

That said, most Checker folks still think their Checkers are worth the same as the Hope Diamond. Are we Checker fans all deluded? To put it into perspective, this writer took a look at the last batch of Checker put up for sale on the ICTA website. Most are originals and non-restored cars. The average asking price is $6174.00.

If you look at the Old Cars Magazine value guide, Checkers in good to very good condition are valued from $4000.00 to $9000.00. This appears to be consistent with the pricing we see on the recent advertisements on the ICTA website. Two recently sold nice Checkers went for under $4000.00. Additionally we are seeing more free Checkers being traded as opposed to sold.

There are still high priced Checkers out there, a Haverhill, Mass.  based used Checker dealer is selling several for prices in the 15K to 20K range. Its interesting to note these cars have been for sale for three to four years.

Additionally there are some examples of Checkers selling for over 30K.   Remember the 1969 Checker wagon with factory bucket seats?  That Checker went for 30K!.  Checkers can be sold to the right customer for high prices.  Please keep in mind that the car was heavily promoted.  See blog, for the full story.

So the good news is, you can still get a Checker at a fair prices. If you wanted a restored Checker, they are out there, and you’ll have plenty of time to buy, as they sit on the market for quite a while.  So to answer the question, no, Checker owners are not deluded.

For a quick look at the listings check out this advertised Checkers

1980 A11 Diesel  $  12,500.00 Original
1964 Checker Marathon A12  $    8,000.00 Original
1977 Checker Marathon taxicab  $    7,200.00 Original
1981Checker Marathon  $    2,500.00 Original
1976 Checker  $  11,340.00 Original
1967 Checker $8,500 Disassembled
1965 Checker Wagon $2,500 Original Sold
1964 Checker Marathon $3,500 Original Sold
1966 Checker Marathon $5,700 Original
1982 Checker A12E $7500,00 Original

Link to the Checkers for sale on the ICTA website.

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