Fellow Checker people, we are now in the 2 months window for the Ohio Event! Here’s the PLAN!!

FRIDAY Aug 24. come into town, and meet up at the Giving Tree Orchards and event barn, we will park all the checkers as they arrive in a car show style… Checker Cab of Put in Bay will be sponsoring the catering of chipotle or something like… meet and greet, parts swap, maybe checker awards…figure start arriving maybe 4pm or so… stay as late as you wish… bonfire at dusk…

SATURDAY: we meet up at the Tin Goose 50’s diner for breakfast (a la carte), and tour their air museum,…(this is up in the air they have had a shake up in management, but breakfast still on)… then off to the African wildlife safari (we get a group discount), where we drive our checkers right into the park alongside antelope, zebra, and more!!! after that, the afternoon and evening is yours to explore… some have expressed interest in cedar point (they offer a discount after 4pm) or there are many other things int he Lake Erie shores to explore…

SUNDAY: we meet up at the Miller Ferry to Put in Bay, where we get a discount to take our cars onto the ferry and to the island for a day of Island Events!! I have tried to set us up to where its not a huge cost per person, unfortunaly this is a tourist area in peak season..

The best hotel rate we got was from the ARLINGTON INN manager debbie porter, 419-734-2101 offered 15% off…

For this interest in camping the link below will display several camp grounds close to the events



We’ll soon pull together a full list of committed Checker,  on display at the Giving Tree Orchard will be David Kniffen’s Checker and the 1950 Checker A4.


The 1950 Checker Model A4 will be on display at Giving Trees Orchard



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