Hello fellow Checker fans. I have decided to sell my 77 Marathon with a 350. I bought it about a year ago to use as a taxi, but I just can’t do it, as it is way too nice. It is a two owner car. Both owners from California, so absolutely no rust. It has 38,000 original miles, and has always been in dry storage. It is as if it were bought new, and then put in a time capsule. I’m exaggerating a little, but not much. The plastic and all rubber is supple, with no sign of weathering, and even has the new car smell. Everything is original, and in near perfect condition. It pains me to sell it, but I am not running a car museum, and can’t stand to see it sit covered up. I’ll let it go for $11,700.  Contact at email ridechecker@gmail.com


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