Look out below! A massive Checker supply glut is once again sending Checker prices into a tailspin. Over the last four weeks well over 40 Checkers have come to the old car marketplace. Two weeks ago, seven Checkers passed through the auction block and were sold at an average price of $1700.00.  Across multiple old car web sites,  Craig’s List, Classic Cars and Hemmings over 31 Checkers are currently for sale!   Anybody who has taken an Economics 101 class will quickly understand  what’s happening in the marketplace….more supply than demand.  Despite the recent sales prices overall still seem high and many of the Checkers currently for sale have been on the market for more than a year!


On the low end this 1962 Superba wagon sold for $750.00 at the Wackenburger Auction in Norwalk, Ohio


Now there are several ways of looking at this, if you are a buyer great, there are potential deals on Checkers down the road as sellers reduce their prices.  If you’re a seller, your Checker is competing for buyers at a time when there are more sellers than buyers, it may take a while to sell.  Additionally prices seem to be all over the map so pricing realignment is in order.


Rusty and dirty this former taxi is oddly priced at $6494.00. Recently on the market, this will probably remain on the market for years.


Reviewing the various classified ads you’ll see a wide ranges of prices.  The recent auctions cars were all parts or restorable Checkers, so essentially the bottom market for parts cars is about $1500.00.  On the high end two 1982 Checkers fall within the $30K-35K range.  Both of those Checkers have been for sale for over a year.


Priced at the high-end at $35K, this NOS Checker is essentially a new car with only 35 miles on the odometer


A wide ranges of Checkers fall in to a ranges of $4000.00 to $10,000.00.  Very reasonable, but again, some of these vehicles have been for sale for close to a year.  Another chunk fall into the $10,000.00 to $20,000.00 range and again many of these Checkers seem have been for sale for one to two years!


Prices at $11K this Checker is highly customized and has been on the market for over one year


Given there are only really about 140 active members of the ICTA, currently there is about one Checker for sale for every 4-5 active ICTA member.  Over the last 10 years we have seen other Checker club’s membership decline significantly,  Assuming that most current ICTA members already own one or two Checkers,  the sad fact is that many of these Checker currently on the market will most likely remain on the market for a long time.


Dented and rusted this rare wagon is priced at just below $9,000, it appears to be overpriced and it too has been on the market for over a year


Too few buyers in the market place, sellers perhaps pricing too high will yield many unsold Checkers,  the glut will continue for some time.  All 32 Checker currently on the market can be found in the ICTA Facebook photo album.  To join the ICTA for free, just click on the link below.


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