Well everyone I pulled off my crazy idea with Kaela’s car (Seattle Classic Cab Number 1). It is finally here. I had tons of help from everyone in the Checker group I’m in and after a long strange trip the car is here. It has been interesting to say the least. From hiring a tire companies in Seattle Washington to replacing the rear end in the truck drivers semi it’s been a ride. So here is the run down. After getting help and donations to pay for the car and transport from lots of great people in the checker group, the girl we got the car from in Washington disappeared. She got the money and ran.

This lead up to hiring a mobile tire company to come out and air up tires on the car, the guy that came out was nice enough to replace the bent rusted hood as well with a spare one. Next comes the transport. William Crawford in Seattle was my feet on the ground up there. So he was dealing with all the insanity from the girl we purchased the car from, the tire company and getting the car ready to transport. The truck shows up loads up the car and we think all is good and well. Not the case. I get a call Tuesday night that he will be here in the morning. Awesome. Second phone call. Um Dan I blew the rear end in my semi. Well ok what can I do to help?

So we make a plan. I go downtown get parts, run to the west side to get seals. Now it’s time for some windshield time for a drive to the west side of Wickenburg Arizona. I get there all seems well. The mobile mechanic shows up and we get the party started. Everything is going well. We get the super heavy center section out of the rig and are ready to install the new one. Crap the pinion seal is wrong. We are only 62 miles from the parts store. So add 150 miles to this trip to get the seal and a pinion nut, with a socket to fit with running around all over to get tools and parts from different stores.

We finally get the semi up and running, we are out of daylight, filthy and on the side of the road in the middle of nowhere. I got home about 11:00 last night. I get up this morning and meet the driver. Did my best not to fall off the trailer airing up the flat tires, all good didn’t fall off. Get the car off the trailer. Didn’t drop the car off the side of the trailer, I was expecting something to go wrong with all of the good luck so far. The driver loads up the Jeep that was behind the checker. So we are talking and I ask about what I owe for transport. Don’t forget I ran all over, over 250 miles worth the day before.

So he looks at me and says well you paid for the parts they were 600. So he tells me keep the other 150. Here is the funny part. I spent 80 on gas being his errand boy the day before. So I’m pretty hot about the whole thing. A 15 hour day, changing a rear axle on a Freightliner, and driving all over, here is your 70 dollars.


Ugh all I can say is the car is here and on a funnier note, Pastor George was there when we unloaded the car. I jokingly said the car was possessed and asked him to bless it and chase the demons away. Well never ask a pastor something like that even if you are joking. Next thing I know he has his arm wrapped around my shoulder and is blessing the car, the restoration and me. I am not religious but thought it was kinda cool.



So all in all it has been on heck of an adventure. I am so stoked to be doing this. From a crazy idea in my head from a post I read that Kaela posted to the car being pulled into the back yard so I can beg my friends for help to restore it and give it back. All the bumps in the road will be worth it when this car looks the way it did when it was new, actually I know it will look better than new. I have a ton of work ahead of me but definitely am all about it. With everything that happened all I can say is what a trip. I still can’t wait to get this car back in kaela’s hands.

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