The Seattle Classic Cab number one is on the way to Phoenix for restoration.

7-13 Morning update  Bill Crawford

Well the Seattle “phase” of the Classic Cab #1 is over for now.
A closer inspection revealed that the trunk floor pan was rusted through…………
Trunk mounted battery with a switch?  The tires needed to be inflated once more so Miles from Industrial Tire returned and got her rolling, we were able to push it easily out to the he street. The shipping truck was a couple hours late but finally arrived and the load up began. The last picture is of a case under the driver’s seat which contained rolling papers and rubbers ! Kaela Petkovits, I like how your dad operates !!!! Lol

                                   Air for tires from Industrial


7-18 Morning update Daniel Smith

Seattle cab update, the car will be here in the morning. Let the insanity begin.

7-18 Evening update Daniel Smith

Ugh. Seattle cab update number 2. The semi driver just called, he blew the rear end in his rig. He is outside Wickenburg Arizona. The replacement is in South Phoenix. Hooking up the trailer getting a rear end and heading of to get him on the road and the car. After the insanity William went through with the girl up north, and now this. You can not make this up. I guess this car is going to have one heck of a story. It’s been interesting to say the least so far. Oh well it’s just another checker behind my van.


7-19 Day update Daniel Smith

Well I found the car and a broken semi the mobile mechanic just pulled up. Time to get the party started. The car is Rusty underneath but plans are still to get it back on the road it’s been an adventure so far no backing out now.

7-19 evening update Daniel Smith

We are still on the side of the road. Add another 150 miles to the road trip complements of Freightliner and the wrong pinion seal. I’m having pastor George stop by and bless this car if it ever makes it to the shop. I’m not religious but demons be gone. Lol going to be a long day. More pics to come.

Lately there seems to be a cloud over this club, we have been through a lot, but we will survive.  Dan and Bill will accomplish the goal of getting Cab No.1 to Phoenix.  Once in the hands of Daniel Smith will see miracle.  Please keep up to date on the restoration progress.

If you would like to help out with contributions for the restoration, please reach out to Dan via Facebook.


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