In Part I of Twilight Taxi 2017, we provided an update on Ben Merkel’s fantastic collection of Checkers.  Ben at one time owned well over 300 Checker’s both restored and parts cars for recycling.  As reported in Part 1, Ben has significantly reduced his Checker assets over the last ten years and has largely exited the Checker parts business.

That said, Ben is still interested in helping Checker owners, but quite frankly he is technically no longer in the parts business.   If you are interested in Checker parts, Ben will still help, but it has to be a no muss, no fuss transaction. Ben’s not a big fan of dickering, if he gives you a price, its fair and firm.  Shipping, not in 2017, best to pick up the parts at Ben’s place.  Ben’s willing to help Checker owners, but he’s wants the transaction to be free of conflict.

So what does Ben have, he still has quite a bit, with about 10 parts cars and a stash of parts already pulled, there is a good chance, Ben can help you out.  To get an idea of Ben’s current 2017 operation, check out the photo recently taken at his Checker plantation.

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