Bill Crawford is a familiar name to any Internet Checker Taxicab Archive member who participates on the Internet Checker Taxicab Archive Facebook page.  Bill actively posts pictures of his Checkers every week in the Facebook group.  The photos are dynamic, since Bill joined the group earlier this year he has documented his Checker in all four season all over the metropolitan Seattle area.

We recently had a chance to speak with Bill and learned that he is a very talented guy.  Bill has never had any professional training in photography!  More amazing is that all of the photos that Bill has shared with us on Facebook were shot using his cell phone!


As we all know Checkers, all look the same, but as we have always maintained, each Checker is different.  That said Bill’s Checker wagon is very unique, it’s powered by a Mercedes Benz five cylinder diesel engine!  Bill has several other Checkers that he has not shared with us, and let’s just say when finished they will be the most unique Checkers we have ever seen.

Like many Checker owners, Bill is a unique individual.  Bill, first fell in love with Checkers over 50 years ago, at the young age of five.  He currently lives on a boat with an irrational fourteen year old “cujo” terrier. Bill enjoys scuba diving and has held a pilots license in the past. He as USAF veteran and has three kids and four grandchildren.

If you would like learn more about Bill here’s his Facebook page.

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